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“Experience ultimate private spa at home by Thanthara Thai Herbal”


Thanthara Compress Balls

Facial (Mixed Thai herbs)

Facial compress balls are good to facilltate blood flow in the face, this provides more nutrients to ensure a youthful glow and refreshed feeling. the heat opens the pore to enable herb extracts to penetrate to the face and promote absorption

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Body (Mixed Thai herbs)

Body Compress Balls are well-known all over the world for its benefits. The heat and the herb extracts give a sense of relaxation and frees up muscles tension. Also, this helps relieve body pain especially the back and the limbs.

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Foot spa

Foot spa bags are packed with mixed Thai herbs to sooth tired foot and ankle after a long day of walking. standing or running. The benefits are endless when used before foot massage or reflexology when the pores are opened; moreover, it helps soften the callus and dried skin with its natural properties.

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