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“Experience ultimate private spa at home by Thanthara Thai Herbal”


Products Thanthara Thai Herbal

Spa Facilities Hair & Body Care Products

  • Compress Ball
  • Massage Oil
  • Roll-on Essence
  • Aroma Oil
  • Herbal Balms
  • Herbal Shampoo
  • Herbal Conditioner
  • Herbal Scrub
  • Body Wash
  • Golden Soap
  • Body Lotion
  • Herbal Toothpaste
  • Herbal Lips Balm
  • Hair Serum

Facial (Mixed Thai herbs)

Facial compress balls are good to facilltate blood flow in the face, this provides more nutrients to ensure a youthful glow and refreshed feeling. the heat opens the pore to enable herb extracts to penetrate to the face and promote absorption

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Body (Mixed Thai herbs)

Body Compress Balls are well-known all over the world for its benefits. The heat and the herb extracts give a sense of relaxation and frees up muscles tension. Also, this helps relieve body pain especially the back and the limbs.

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Foot spa

Foot spa bags are packed with mixed Thai herbs to sooth tired foot and ankle after a long day of walking. standing or running. The benefits are endless when used before foot massage or reflexology when the pores are opened; moreover, it helps soften the callus and dried skin with its natural properties.

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Galangal Massage Oil

For Muscles Strain and Joint Pain Relief. The high concentration of Galangal extract is best for excellent results. The scent is so refreshing, just the smell will help relieve the headache.

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Cassumunar Massage Oil

For Deep-seated Muscle, Joint and Tendon Pain Relief. This massage oil is famous for its anti-inflammatory properties and fast result for treatment of sport pains.

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Black Jasmine Shampoo

Losing hair? Black jasmine is your friend. This product is best for prople with falling hairs. lt has propertes that strengthen hair strands, preventing breakage. Guaranteed to keep your hair in your head.

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We hate dandruff; itchy scalp is not a problem with continued use of our Bergamot shampoo. Be confident with a clean scalp and a hair free from annoying white particles falling to your shoulders. Confiders. Confidence only herbal shampoo can give.

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Black Jasmine (Soft and Silky)

Brittle and dry hair is not a good thing to see. Solve this problem with Thanthara's Black Jasmine shampoo and give your hair the loving it needs Soft and silky hair is sexy!

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BUTTERFLY PEA (Long and strong hair)

Achieve long and strong hair with butterfly pea conditioner. Use after shampoo and get the long hair you have always dreamed of.

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Make your shower time a spa time too. This tomato boby wash has a scent that freshens up your mind, relaxes the spirit and calms anxiety. This product is a must!

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Herbal Scrubs

Thanthara have a wide arry of facial and body scrubs made from nutural herbs and ingredients. Free your skin from free radicals and dead skin cells that cover real beauty. Remember. your skin is your best indicator for health!

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Gac, Pomegranate lotion

Dry skin no more! This thanthara product mixed with 2 famous fruits for skin hydration and suppleness ensures that the skin gets the proper care it needs especially in hot summer days minus the harsh chemicals and radicls.

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Gac, Cucumber, Lakoocha & rice milk golden soap

Achieve your desired skin condition with our very own golden soaps. Available in 4 scents with specific function for the specific skin condition that you want to improve or get rid of. Try and experience the ultmate effect of gold in the skin and the  added effect of pure and high quality Thai herbs!

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